Faculty & Staff

Photo by Francisco Estevez Photography


  • Erica Fischbach
    Erica Fischbach Academy Director
  • Domenico Luciano
    Domenico Luciano Academy Principal
  • Erika Sandre
    Erika Sandre Lower Division Coordinator
  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams Academy Business, Pre-Professional Division and Summer Programs Administrator
  • Ashley Kohl Adler
    Ashley Kohl Adler Academy Administrator
  • Jennifer Aiken
    Jennifer Aiken Academy Wardrobe Manager


  • Janina Blue
    Janina Blue
  • Suellen De Villiers
    Suellen De Villiers
  • Julianna Donadio
    Julianna Donadio
  • Alexis Drabek
    Alexis Drabek
  • Anna Duvall
    Anna Duvall
  • Aria Faddis
    Aria Faddis
  • Gregory Gonzales
    Gregory Gonzales
  • Marc Ellis Holland
    Marc Ellis Holland
  • Loretta Kelce
    Loretta Kelce
  • Maria Mosina
    Maria Mosina
  • Roberto Munoz
    Roberto Munoz
  • Diane Page
    Diane Page
  • Jayne Persch
    Jayne Persch
  • Whitney Popp
    Whitney Popp
  • Ashley Paige Romines
    Ashley Paige Romines
  • Robert Sher-Machherndl
    Robert Sher-Machherndl
  • Mayo Sugano
    Mayo Sugano
  • John K. Williams, "Mr. Tap"
    John K. Williams, "Mr. Tap"

Company Physical Therapists

  • Mieke Scripps
    Mieke Scripps
  • Sarah Graham
    Sarah Graham

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