Staff Directory

Sarah Tryon by Allen Birnbach

Artistic Director

Gil Boggs

Managing Director

Mark Chase, (303) 339-1628


Academy Director 
Erica Fischbach, (303) 339-1620 

Academy Principal 
Domenico Luciano

Academy Business, Pre-Professional Division and Summer Programs Administrator
Michael Williams, (303) 339-1623

Academy Administrator
Ashley Kohl Adler, (303) 339-1623

Lower Division Coordinator 
Erika Sandre

Academy Wardrobe Manager
Jennifer Aiken

Academy Main
(303) 339-1623

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Director of Accounting
Janina Blue, (303) 339-1625

Staff Accountant
Stephanie Kautz, (303) 339-1622

Accounting Associate
Melissa Longiaru

Boutique Manager
Edie Bell


Managing Director of Advancement
Adam Sexton, (303) 339-1714 

Associate Director of Advancement
Denae Duesler, (303) 339-1629

Senior Philanthropy Officer
Allie Coppeak

Advancement Associate-Events and Individual Giving
Maggie Klein, (303) 339-1618 

Grants Manager
Tricia Schmuki, (303) 339-1722


Ballet Master
Sandra Brown

Ballet Master
Lorita Travaglia

Ballet Master
Maria Mosina

Music Director & Principal Conductor
Adam Flatt

Associate Conductor
Catherine Sailer

Company Pianist
Natalia Arefieva

Education & Community Engagement

Education Department Manager
Emily Herrin (303) 339-1632

Education Programs Manager
Cassie Wilson (303) 339-1619

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Marketing & Public Relations

Director of Marketing and Communications
Rachel Perez (303) 339-1630 

Marketing and Public Relations Associate
Melissa Longiaru

Graphic Design & Marketing Associate
Nick Simpson

Taylor Keating

Patron Services and Database

Director of Patron Services & Database 
Michelle Herring, (303) 339-1723

Database Manager
Lauren Cregan, (303) 339-1640

Patron Services Representatives
(303) 339-1637
Ally Beacom

Group Sales Information
(303) 339-1637


Technical Director and Production Manager Emeritus
Pete Nielson, (303) 339-1615 

Production Manager
Hally Albers

Production Stage Manager/Facilities Manager
Vitali Prokhnitski, (303) 339-1617 

Company Manager
Natalie Kelce, (303) 339-1631

Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Director
Kristina Sablatura, (303) 339-1615

Wardrobe & Shoe Manager & Costume Designer
Shirin Lankarani, (303) 339-1626

Makeup Artist
Kari Kisch

Wardrobe Dressers
Joe Tompkins
Rebecca Travers
Crystal Suppes

Wardrobe Volunteers
Akiko Haniu
Sarah Hunsinger
Nola Ng
Eve Gordon
Bonnie Kobzoff

Technical Director
Randy Mitchell

Master Carpenter Emeritus
David Jackson

Property Master Emeritus
David Jaramillo

Master Carpenter
Michael Duran

Assistant Carpenter/Head Flyman
Travis Schadle

Lighting Director
Patrick “Red” Howard

Master Electrician
Susan Osborne

Property Master
Toni Steelmon

Drivers/Production Assistants
Robert J Harris
David MacEachen

Company Physical Therapist
Mieke Braun Scripps MPT, DPT

Assistant Physical Therapist
Sarah Graham, MSPT

Lorita Travaglia, L.Ac, Dipl. CHM

Dr. David S. Shapiro

Massage Therapist
Stephen Jacoby, LMT

Company Orthopedist
Joshua Metzl, MD

Company Photographers
Allen Birnbach
Mike Watson

Company Videographer
David Andrews

Orchestra Personnel Manager
Steve Simpson

Orchestra Librarian
Chris Jusell

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